2020 in Retrospect

2020 in Retrospect

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2020 has been one hell of a year. Having relocated with my family from Aarhus, Denmark to Sydney, Australia in Jan 2020 just as the COVID19 outbreak started, life had not been the same.

As a family, we never got the luxury to settle in. Daily life was filled with a subconscious fear of getting sick. A simple cough would have resulted in two swabs down your throat. The economy was affected so badly. So many people stood down, and so many lost jobs.

The biggest struggles were Homeschooling and Working at the same time. The constant need to be present with the children to help them with remote / schooling, when no one was prepared for such a thing. Having to take meetings when your 4-year-old daughter decides now is a good time to annoy my brother so both of us can scream our lungs out. I am grateful for my Alexa / Echo Dot, for playing white noise to cut down most of the noise.

The constant uncertainty in our daily lives had (still has) an impact on us mentally. Me and my wife, I try to live life as normally as possible. Powering through the financial strain as well as the emotional struggles the pandemic brought upon us. We were somewhat lucky to be here, compared to some parts of the world where the governments have screwed things up and continue to screw things up for their people.

I would have loved the time I had to spend in lockdown to be without the stress of the pandemic. It didn't help to stay present whenever I spent time with my family. I do try, but sometimes it just becomes a bit hard.

End of the day, I am thankful for everyone who was busting their arses on the frontlines. For heads of state who had to work under so much pressure to care for so many people.

for a better 2021.

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