Day One


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Identifying the problem

I've been neglecting my past attempts to regularly maintain a blog. I've tried different things in the past writing on WordPress then moving over to medium,, and then to hashnode. I have come to realize that my lack of commitment has nothing to do with the platform I chose to write. It's purely my laziness.

Working towards a solution

Since I've realized that the problem was mostly me and not tech, I decided to start things from the ground up.

I wanted to work towards a goal, but I didn't want to have a lot of expectations. The problem with having a lot of expectations was that it directly relates to how happy you feel. This doesn't mean that we should have lower expectations, rather we should manage the level of expectations wisely.

Level of Commitment

To make the most out of my time and to be able to juggle multiple priorities family, work, side projects, etc I want to commit to trying to write a piece at least once a month. This way if I can produce more content if I have the energy but if not I will still force myself to make the time to write at least one piece every month.

With today being the 19th of June, by the end of 2022, I would have done at least 6 articles or more for my personal blog space.


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