Ignite for Expo Developers

Ignite for Expo Developers

Update 01.03.2021 : This project is no longer active.

Having worked on an Expo based app recently we had to deal with push notifications. For most managed Expo applications we are with the limitation of having to use Expo's native notification service. This service is pretty decent. And has no issues in my opinion. The problem we faced is not having a proper way to schedule notifications for the users. So we ended up building a simple tool that helped to that.

Ignite, does the very thing. It allows you to manage your Device tokens, Also customer profiles if you wish. For the moment, we are able to push out Bulk notifications to all registered users. And we are rolling out the segmentation APIs shortly where you will be given the ability to tag and categorize the users and their devices so you can push out tailored notification messages.

Registering a device token can be done the following way.

POST /api/v1/devices?api_token={api_token}

// Request format and rules
    token: string|required|unique,
    type: string|optional|enum[ios,android],
    app_version: numeric|optional,
    os_version: numeric|optional,
    contact_id: string|optional

We have the provision to optionally give it a contact_id and populate the contact profile in a subsequent request if required.

Creating your notifications are can be done in a few clicks,

Alt Text

API documentation can be found here

You can signup here